MVRDV - Partner Bertrand Schippan to give a lecture at TU Delft

Partner Bertrand Schippan to give a lecture at TU Delft


All European cities have their own different stories that they are trying to convey to their citizens and visitors. Do you always pay attention to what the city is trying to tell you through its architecture and visual appearance? Lyon is actually known for its outstanding historical and architectural landmarks, but of course, every person has their own perspective of the story. Therefore, on April 1st MVRDV Partner Bertrand Schippan well share his vision of Lyon’s story with the engineering students at the TU Delft who have been taking a closer look at the city as part of their case study project. To dive deeper into the discussion Bertrand will use MVRDV projects Monolithe and Lyon Part-Dieu as an example.

Lyon Part-Dieu

MVRDV Partner Bertrand Schippan developed his career at several international offices. This diverse range of experience in different settings has molded a versatile approach to the design task. At MVRDV, Schippan has played an integral role in projects of various scales – from single buildings to masterplans – by continually testing and challenging existing theories and methodologies to refine his own professional practice, and inspiring others under his leadership. Furthermore, he strategically supported MVRDV’s endeavours in France, where he has been fundamental to the establishment of our Paris office.