MVRDV - Gijs Rikken on the Data-Driven design of Valley

Gijs Rikken on the Data-Driven design of Valley


On 21 March our Associate Design Director and architect Gijs Rikken will talk about how data-driven design, construction, and parametric design are used in MVRDV’s various projects including Valley during a presentation for Woonstichting 'Thuis.

Through working with tenants, municipalities, corporations, social partners and suppliers, Thuis's mission is to make an active contribution to a sustainable, future-proof society in which all participate. 

"We have a variety of data-driven methods at our disposal to assess how to best deliver a project, including computational tools, research and analysis, and data collection. In our pursuit of making the world a little greener, more social, more mixed, more accessible, and more beautiful, those methods apply irrespective of whether the building is a skyscraper or a low-rise social housing project", said Gijs. 

At MVRDV, Gijs is responsible for the design and implementation of a wide variety of projects, ranging from large-scale, complex buildings to detailed innovative materials research.  Alongside Valley, projects include such completed buildings as the Glass Farm in Schijndel, The Crystal Houses in Amsterdam and the Balancing Barn in Suffolk, England. Other defining works consist of the winning design for the Urban Hybrid in Emmen, the Coral Tower in Sydney and the Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch.