MVRDV - Cas Esbach features in a roundtable on The Aesthetic Agenda (and the future) of AI

Cas Esbach features in a roundtable on The Aesthetic Agenda (and the future) of AI


On 5 April at 17:00 EDT, Syracuse University in New York will host an engaging AI roundtable discussion, bringing together notable panelists, including Kory Bieg, Dr. Matias del Campo, Hamid Ekbia, Cas Esbach, Yara Feghali, Mark Linder, and Dr. Sandra Manninger. Organized by Julie Larsen and Britt Eversole in the spacious atrium of Slocum Hall, the event aims to delve into the nuanced influence of AI on architecture, steering the conversation beyond typical debates. 

Structured to explore the intellectualizing, aestheticizing, and practical applications of AI in design, this discussion seeks to shed new light on its historical context, aesthetic possibilities, and practicality in the field. Curated by Julie Larsen and Britt Eversole, this dynamic exchange at Syracuse University is set to challenge and expand the understanding of AI's evolving role in architectural innovation.

Cas Esbach is a project leader and architect located in MVRDV’s Rotterdam Office. With a rich professional background that includes positions at Derksen|Windt in Delft, Civic Projects in Chicago, and BIG in New York, Cas has been an integral part of the MVRDV team in Rotterdam for over five years. He has significantly contributed to and led numerous impactful projects during his tenure. His notable achievements include successful projects such as the Shenzhen Terraces, Tripolis Park in Amsterdam, and Valley in Amsterdam. Additionally, Cas has served as an esteemed educator, bringing his expertise to the academic realm as a dedicated teacher at TU Delft, where he imparts his knowledge and passion for architecture to the next generation of professionals. 

  • Date & Time: 5 April 2024, 17:00 (EDT).
  • Location: Syracuse University School of Architecture, Slocum Hall Atrium.
  • For more details on the event, click here.