MVRDV - Jan Knikker on Housing Research, the Housing Crisis, and New Ways of Living

Jan Knikker on Housing Research, the Housing Crisis, and New Ways of Living


How do we help address the worldwide shortage of housing as architects? 

Dignified housing is a human right, and also a product which is scarce and under pressure from regulations, the green transformation, and increasing costs. Triggered by the Netherlands government’s need to build one million new homes, MVRDV has published research to find ways to solve the housing crisis outside traditional boundaries. 

On 23 May, Partner and Director of Strategy and Development Jan Knikker will explain this research, and show best practices in customised collective housing, creating communities, fighting polarisation, affordable dwellings, sustainable homes, family oriented neighbourhoods, participatory designs, new lifestyles for the elderly, and how housing could even be instrumental in nation building.

Partner and Director of Strategy at MVRDV, Jan Knikker joined MVRDV in 2008. Prior to this, Knikker shaped OMA’s public image for nearly a decade, after having first began his career as a journalist. As Partner and Director of Strategy at MVRDV, Knikker drives Business Development and Public Relations efforts, spearheading a large and dynamic studio that also includes the office’s visualization capacity. He further leads the office’s branding efforts, and MVRDV’s expansion into new regions and typologies, by supporting the office’s ambition to generate solutions to global challenges through a multifaceted approach to architecture, urbanism, and computing.

  • Date and time: 23 May at 16:00 (EDT).
  • Location: Niagara Falls Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9, Canada
  • More information on the event can be found here.