MVRDV - Work begins on Seoul 7017 Skygarden

Work begins on Seoul 7017 Skygarden


As of midnight on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea,  the Seoul Station Overpass was closed to begin work on MVRDV’s Seoul Skygarden project. The overpass, which was previously closed off to heavy vehicles due to structural stability issues, is due to enter the initial demolition stage to make the 45 year old structure safe again. MVRDV’s proposal for the 938 metre long former elevated highway next to Seoul’s Central Station hopes to build on the city’s ambition to be greener, more attractive and more user-friendly so as to inspire a process of change for the entire neighbourhood. The design populates the overpass with 254 species of trees, shrubs and flowers to create an arboretum of local species, a library of plants that can be enjoyed by Seoul’s public. The project is expected to be completed in August 2017.

The local government has implemented new public transport routes and traffic control plans, to minimise traffic issues and allow for a smooth transition from inter-city overpass to pedestrianised public walkway.

Earlier this year the overpass was opened up to pedestrians to showcase the potential of the Skygarden and to engage them in the project. Watch the video below to see how Seoul’s public took to the idea of creating an elevated walkway through the city:

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