MVRDV - NIO House Chongqing

NIO House Chongqing

NIO House Chongqing

NIO House Chongqing is a car showroom and members’ facility designed for Chinese electric car manufacturer NIO. Taking advantage of the dramatic views from its location in the shopping centre of Chongqing’s new Raffles City complex, the two-storey showroom is organised around a feature staircase which takes inspiration from the city of Chongqing.

“One of the reasons we like working with NIO is their commitment to look at the world with a fresh eye, from their technologically advanced products to their innovative ‘NIO Houses’”, says Jacob van Rijs, architect and founding partner of MVRDV. “MVRDV and NIO share a desire for a sustainable future – for NIO, that means efficient, exciting electric vehicles, and for us it means dense, lively, and smart cities. So with our design for NIO House Chongqing – in the heart of one of China’s largest cities – we wanted to make a statement that celebrates the urban experience.”


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