MVRDV - Project Gomila

Project Gomila

Project Gomila

Renovating four existing buildings and adding three new ones, Project Gomila represents an opportunity to reinvigorate the neighbourhood of El Terreno in Palma, Mallorca as a vibrant, green, sustainable residential neighbourhood. Each of the buildings have their own unique character derived from their colours, materials, and rooflines, together forming a distinctive place that is in tune with the Mediterranean lifestyle.


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Credit achtergrond


Architect MVRDV + GRAS Reynés Arquitectos
Founding partner in charge
MVRDV concept design team
MVRDV schematic design team
MVRDV detail design team
  • © MVRDV + GRAS: 
  • MVRDV Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries: 
  • Co-architect: GRAS Reynés Arquitectos (Guillermo Reynes, Mayca Sánchez Carvajal, Alejandro Domingo Leal, Mikolaj Zajda, Giacomo Sorino, Mariano Esposito): 
  • Contractor: Ferratur, Bibiloni, Tarraco: 
  • Structural engineering, MEP, & cost calculation: EA Engineers Assessors: 
  • Graphic design: Mario Eskenazi, Arauna Studio: 

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