MVRDV - Casa Kwantes

Casa Kwantes

Casa Kwantes

Casa Kwantes gives its residents the privacy they desire whilst at the same time opens up the house towards the garden and daylight. Operating within a nostalgic urban requirement, a wall of 1930s brickwork creates a boundary between family and public life towards the street, whilst on the garden side, fluid glass walls sweep around the living spaces, embracing the house’s focal point, an olive tree.

“The curved glass continuously wraps its way around the interior façade on both levels creating continuous views from one room to another. As well as a visual connection, an exterior balcony also creates the opportunity to easily walk from one space to the next without disruption. The glass reflections of the central tree continuously change and bounce around as one moves throughout the house and changes their perspective”, says MVRDV co-founder, Jacob van Rijs.


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