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Etam Paris

Etam Paris

The new flagship store in Paris for French lingerie brand Etam renovates a 19th-century Haussmann building by removing internal barriers and adding a glass floor to allow light to fill the interior. In the design, respect for the historic building and commitment to preservation is combined with an unexpected and unique shopping experience: like the lingerie on display, the store is revealing and intimate at the same time.

“‘Unravelling beauty’ is almost a generic and eternal value that can be learned somehow from the world of lingerie. The revealing – but directional – glassification of the store allows for a delicate balance between transparency and privacy, for intimacy and distance, unravelling the beauty of Haussmann and Etam’s products, users, and visitors”, says MVRDV Founding Partner Winy Maas. “In the stores we design, we often like to try new, unexpected materials and love to play with different types of glass. The Etam flagship store is the first time we have brought these approaches to a building where so much of the existing structure must be maintained.”


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