Inger  Kammeraat

Inger Kammeraat

Partner | Managing Director

Partner and Managing Director Inger Kammeraat (Vlissingen, NL - 1973) has been a driving force of MVRDV’s management team since 2016, helping to streamline office support systems and processes at a critical period in the office’s growth and development. Having first joined MVRDV in 2008 to manage planning, contracts and human resources, in her current role as Managing Director, Kammeraat forges a crucial link between the board and the office’s studios, as well as the design and support teams, providing a clear overview of the practice to strengthen decision-making, quality, procedures, and office well-being. Kammeraat’s versatility is due in no small part to her multidisciplinary background, a rare combination of financial management (ISWB Training Institute), architecture (Eindhoven University of Technology) and sustainability (University of Cambridge, Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership).

In addition to working for various international companies prior to joining MVRDV in 2008, Kammeraat also spent seven years in Africa, developing a great affection for the continent and its people. In Kampala, Uganda, she initiated The Design Hub to mentor entrepreneurs and connect them with clients, stakeholders, projects, and funding. She also designed, built (and managed) a tourism lodge in Mozambique. Fundamental in all these roles, is Kammeraat’s inherent versatility, as well as her keen ability to connect content, and bring the right people to the table.

“The creative process, the people that come with that, the global vibe, and last but definitely not least: the results. I’m continually inspired by the work we do at MVRDV.” - Inger Kammeraat